Thursday, 25 July 2013


Well they do say a picture says a thousand words. We wonder at the timing of why suddenly we are being bombarded by 'leaked' pictures of bollywood's sexiest 'it' pair, hugging in Ibiza.. cosying in London.. in Spain .. in Srilanka Newyork Dubai just is going on and on. 

Its unbelievable that the ultra-image conscious Katrina Kaif who is not known for throwing caution to the winds can be unaware of these pictures being leaked. And Ranbir Kapoor ...well... lets say he hides them better than he reveals them ! Maybe Katrina wants the world to know that he is HER man. And he is TAKEN. Knowing her prince charming's glad eye and with gorgeous young girls throwing themselves over him, she could not be in a secure place. Some of these girls could be as determined as Katrina was ! ( recall the Ranbir-Deepika breakup)... 

Must say though Katrina in a red bikini bottom and white top looks extremely fetching and shapely. Chalo at least we nowknow why Ranbir cannot keep his hands off her. Watch this space .. there is more drama happening sooner than later !  

Pix courtesy stardust! 

Monday, 22 July 2013


Well its happened as they planned it. An awkward little hug diverts attention from their really BIG controversies… of course there is nothing THERE IS NOTHING spontaneous in the great MILAN of the Khans. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan hugging each other at Baba Siddiqui’s party after 5 years is definitely the photo op of the decade! But the event was orchestrated to a T. The two Khan’s entered the party almost at the same time(which itself is NOT happening unless totally planned by the army of overpaid PR machinery they are surrounded by!!). Salman’s Dad Salim Khan holds a long conversation with Shah Rukh and Sohail is all over him. And then Salman moves up seemingly spontaneously and the warring khans hug awkwardly, like they have been trained to do. Of course it’s the biggest PLANNED event of the decade!! After all what better than to give the media a bigger tamasha to talk about. Shah Rukh Khan wanted to divert the attention from Ibram Khan his surrogate son and Salman Khan has his own issues of Hit and Run to deal with. This staged spectacle is the biggest con on the increasingly invasive media. And Hello the two madams who they fought over, well one is a yummy mummy and the other is safely enconsed in the arms of another, so it must seem damn stupid to fight when the reasons are gone. And hey if a little hug takes care of the BIG controversies …. As we said….


And HE can yo yo too ! And here is the proof. Now this is NOT music to a certain Vishal Shekhar's ears - who are mighty pissed that YO YO got a back door entry into their express!

So when we quizzed them Vishal hung up with a terse “Talk to Red Chillies guys” before hanging up! Looks like the fact that Honey Singh is being roped in is a really sore point for the composers. Apparently King Khan felt that Chennai express soundtrack lacked that verve which would connect with the youth( OUCH VISHAL-SHEKHAR !!)

Is the Lunatic Lungi dance -- just the punjabi tadka missing in the south Indian dish ?!!
‘the lyrics : Moocho ko thoda round ghumaake, anna ke jaise chashma lagaake, coconut me lassi milaake. All the Rajni fans, don’t miss the chance’

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Of the heart breaking tales which remained untold this one is about a young starlet whose green carpet debut was anything but! She once had a fresh looking face when she debuted against the biggest next gen superstar and was lauded for her fresh appeal. But then after a plastic surgery (needless might we say) gone wrong .. her face overnight lost that extra something she had. Shocked at the cruel cards fate was dealing her she desperately tried a few desperate comebacks, some offbeat roles, frantically walked the fashion weeks so that she stayed in the limelight. She never (NEVER EVER) misses a red (or green sigghhh) carpet, and this time too spent hours picking that special dress to make that lasting impact. She reached the event hoping as usual to be seen with the glamorous news-makers  hoping she would be seen as PART of the IT crowd. She even timed her starry entry coordinating with green carpet scouts to not clash with any of the big stars. So SHE came… SHE saw… SHE preened …SHE posed…and then…just at the perfect moment she opened her pretty mouth for the media, the mikes were rudely snatched away!!  A mega superstar had made an unexpected entry. It was sad to see the lost girl standing with her mouth open … her eyes glazed… at her almost famous turned wretched moment!! 
Bollywood Item Girl

Monday, 15 July 2013


Item Girl
Meet Sridevi's daughter Jhanvi Kapoor. She is supremely lovely poses like a true professional (we think with a momma like Sridevi would you expect any less!! ) At IIFA 2013 Frenzied flashbulbs went off to catch her glimpse...and SHE ...perfectly poised, polished head to foot, hair expensively done up (with every strand in fashionable place) and in her red-carpet(ughhh ...ok ..its Greeen carpet !) shimmering debutant designer dress the lovely Jhanvi Kapoor flashed her pearly whites untiringly. 
So we were taken aback when she unexpectedly shied away like a lamb under fire when we said 'hello'. The truth ..?? .ALAS... the lovely lass is not allowed to talk to the press YET. Does momma Sridevi plan a grand coming out of her daughter, befitting a future Kapoor star( we assume thats where she is heading given all the grooming).

Our Advise -- Please Momma SriDevi.. cut your daughter some slack. After all you have been there and done that, too and come out strong and stunning. Surely a simple HELLO to the media would not dark cloud on your baby girl's silver lining?! 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Mega Skinny alert ! Amrita Rao shocked one and all with her stick like err slim (and we mean really really thinny skinny ) figure at the IIFA 2013 in Macau. The only one who was gushing over her skinny form was herself, I can tell you safely the rest of us were busy counting her ribs. The skinny Minnie has become so thinnie that her dress was sliding off her non-existent waist (some photogs sweared it was one size neck to feet !). 

So when asked about her alarming loss of body mass madame shot back claiming to be the original Size zero ! Babe .... cmon.... fact is this is not size zero, however much you stubbornly insist, this is SIZE MINUS.  

Quick advise would be a headlong dash to the dietician. We wont want the little pimples on the face to scar an otherwise stunning visage. You go Girl. Also check ... 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Aaaahhhh Abhishek..Abhishek .. abhishek !! who did this to you ? who is responsible for this slimey green creature on you ? This utterly GHASTLY GREEN peacock sherwani type coat definitely matches the Green carpet you are standing on but ……surely that was NOT the original plan ! What were you thinking with this green monster thing on you ?? Yes you got the Best Comic actor award at the 14th IIFA for 'Bol Bachchan' but dude seriously do you have to be in character as a comedian on the green carpet too ? On popular demand you need to fire the designer responsible for this ghastly crime (Forget our advice - go running back to the the Jani-Khosla Boys please ) . And next time please travel with your supremely gorgeous wife, then maybe people will not notice your fashion crimes.