Monday, 30 September 2013


This recentle married pretty actress, known for her talent, who was rather thick to begin with, has always been very weight conscious. After plumping up a little recently, she now wants to sport a flat tummy at an upcoming awards show so you could marvel at how amazing and perfect she is. So she had some liposuction. While she’s been keeping a very low profile lately, she’s never been one to stay out of the spotlight for long, so the paps just might catch a glimpse of her out in public . They might even note that she is walking slower than usual or holding her stomach.

In any case, you will definitely see her at an upcoming awards show – perhaps even on stage, pretending that her flat stomach is the result of discipline and hard work.

Thursday, 26 September 2013


A big star’s wife is fretting and ragind that she gave up an almost affair to dote upon her ailing husband. BUT To her horror she has found that her great big ''sacrifice'' is not only going totally unappreciated but also, her big star hubby wants to live separately after getting better!! Whether they merely separate and live under the same roof cordially(like the other superstar couple, coincidentally also their friends) is what insiders are betting on rather than a clean break. This is as much for the couple’s kids as for a spotless image for the benefit of a very vigilant public eye.

While the big star's gigantic PR has fanned out against reports of impending divorce, and has taken to plastering the couple’s ‘happy’ time pictures (which clearly look too contrived) , the icy cold vibes between the once considered a ‘model’ husband and wife were for all to see at a recent mega event. While the big star’s roving eyes is being quoted as the reason for the break, the wife having seen that hubby is not going to change has now clearly seen the light. Sad, how history keeps repeating itself. But who is learning?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


A top Bollywood director known for his ever-changing arm candies who consist of sexy young boys has got himself in hot waters, literally caught with his pants down. Now its open knowledge among pretty boys that a trip to his offices leads via a little rumba in the couch or sofa or the very convenient tiger skin floor spread or the plush bear skin lounge quite the centre-piece in his private chambers, one hears. But this boy who wants to make it on his own did not inform the A list director that he also happens to be related to a powerful actor. So happily he trooped to the office of his idol in whose new film he was hopeful of a role, with his thick folio, alas of which was no need, as he soon discovered. On reaching for audition, the boy was handed a set of dialogues from the director’s new film asked to wait in the director’s private office and the boy could not believe his super-luck. So like a good little boy he practiced his lines ready to deliver on cue.

The super–busy director finally arrived a good hour late, and got straight to the point, pun unintended. Briskly giving him a once-over the powerful man asked him to strip and get on the couch. The stunned boy stood frozen which turned to embarrassment when the man started taking off his pants. At this point the boy yelped and made for the door leaving the dumbfounded director with more than his tongue hanging out and headed straight to his powerful actor cousin. We hear some very angry calls and threats laced with choicest of expletives have come the director’s way who was heard complaining at the ‘injustice’ of it all. He after had no idea the boy was ‘apne ghar ka hi bachha’and so fair game !

Monday, 2 September 2013


This is shocking. A senior and very respected member of the film fraternity is being accused by a newcomer of sexual abuse. The charges if they stick are of serious nature. The biggies in the know are trying their level best to stop the girl from going to town. But neither threat not treat is working on this very adamant girl who also insists she is not doing this or money or fame. The lass apparently has been threatening to show some very lurid smses sent by the very respected gent with poetic description of what he wants to do with her.

Now the girl’s her best friend is being worked on to make her withdraw her threat of going to the press. The girl it seems has finally cooled down enough to give them a hearing but she has second, and very ambitious thoughts one hears, on what she wants in return!! It will be interesting to see whose cookie finally crumbles.