Thursday, 26 December 2013


This talented actor is really a nice, rather quiet and shy guy when he is sober. That is probably the general impression you have of him… and you’d be right, too. When he’s not sober, though, he turns into a real asshole.

 He becomes the school bully, belligerent and obnoxious, willing to argue with, push, or punch anyone who goes up against him. There have been lots of injuries when he does this. You just don’t usually hear about them. You know he’s spiraling out of control, though, when his publicist has to jump in and make up ridiculous stories about him. It’s getting worse, too.

  He hasn’t had a sober day in a long time. Lots of alcohol and that too.  The guy is in serious trouble, and it is definitely taking a toll on his health. As of right now, though, he is absolutely refusing to go to rehab (yes, it has been suggested to him).

He believes that it would permanently ruin his reputation. So it looks like there is nothing to do… except wait for him to take a fall down that long spiral staircase of fame.


These two young desperately wanting to be famous actors really be dating? Why is he doing this? How long is this going to continue? Could this be the real thing? Well, an insider spilled the beans.

1. Are they really dating?

They went out on one date. It was set up by their people. If you consider two people being set up to have one meal together to be dating, then they are dating.

2. Why is he doing this? And she is leading him on?

Publicity. Now fans of this young guy are always yelling at us: He is shy! He would never date someone just for the publicity! He doesn’t even like publicity! Bullshit. He has a new film coming out very soon. Anything that he and his group can do to sell more will be done

3. How long is this going to continue?

This relationship is initially scheduled to be very short. The relationship clock will strike midnightright around the New Year. Her side wants more time, but his side is in charge. If her side screws things up, he can walk sooner.

4. Could this be a real romance?

Ha! Doubtful. He is not her type, and she is definitely not his type. Definitely not his type.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


This boy has been a celebrity for a long time, but with films flopping he is getting increasingly desperate for attention. His some time relation with a famous actress fell apart and he is smoking too much to cope with the stress. However, he wants his fans to think that his career and everything is just fine. Yeah right!  So he’s taken on a new publicity stunt: he wants you to think that he is doing a big film with a big banner. No, he’s not really signed.

He just wants you to think that he might be. In fact he has not even heard from the production house in a while (probably because they are busy chasing the more happening stars). But, while their messy contract stumbles inevitably towards a split next year, he wants you to keep talking about him… By the way, he won’t actually say that’s he’s signed. He’s just going to hint at it through lots of paparazzi shots. Just know that it’s all bogus.

Monday, 16 December 2013


He says he has had nothing to do with it. Arjun Rampal is hopping mad with reports that he was behind Hrithik Roshan and Suzzane’s divorce. After a stiff ‘what-kind-of- stupid-question-is-that-i-am-in-dubai-’ response he was quick to issue a statement.

This is his official statement -

‘’It is very sad when friends close to you take a decision to separate. These are the hardest times for them and we must be sensitive towards this decision, rather than creating speculation and rumours. I read in the news as the same time as you all about my involvement in this marriage. It saddens me deeply that rumors become inevitable during celebrities going through such times. Mehr and I wish them only peace and love through these times and support them as friends should and we wish them and their families well always.’’

Arjun Rampal has been in the eye of the storm ever since his friends Hrithik and good friend Suzzane announced their decision to separate a few days ago and sent out a statement to the media. So who and what’s behind Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan's shocking split. While some parties blame Arjun Rampal as being the cause of their breakup but Arjun is very very miffed with these allegations and has totally rubbished the rumours. Truth is the chinks were there for a long time for all to see and for the past several years with Hrithik’s complete obsession with his work and Suzzane’s terminal boredom with her marital life…and this was a foregone conclusion with many insiders indicating an uncomplicated open marriage on the cards. But no one was expecting a formal announcement so soon.  Hrithik announced the split from his wife in a terse statement released from Los Angeles where the star is vacationing solo. It left no ambiguity about who had left whom. "Sussanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year-long relationship," he wrote about the end of his fairytale marriage before assuring his fans that he still had "faith in the institution of marriage."

It is not a secret that Sussanne had moved out of the family home in Juhu with their two sons about four months ago but the separation was kept a secret as the Roshans did not want anything to divert attention from Krissh 3 and the Roshans had downplayed Sussanne's move out of the marital home saying she had gone to be with her sick father. So what happened? Sources say boredom and some old fashioned saas-bahu jhagdas. Friends of the couple close to the development told this newspaper that Sussanne wanted Hrithik to move out of the family home Palazzio in Juhu but the star was not keen to leave his parents and his divorced sister. Not that Sussanne had to share a small flat with caviling in-laws.

The couple had their own independent floor but the escalating tensions between the bahu and the in-laws would not be contained in that building, and culminated with a blazing row between Sussane and Pinky Mum-inlaw Roshan some days ago leading to this denoucement. In the past Sussanne had moved into a plush five-star hotel in the vicinity saying that their home was infested with termites. Sussanne who has been putting long hours at work and has been partying solo, say friends, is "seriously unhappy." She was conspicuous by her absence at the family's Ganeshotsav celebrations this year and neither was she seen at the Krrish 3 promotional events. She made a brief appearance at Rakesh Roshan's birthday on September 6 this year, citing her father Sanjay Khan's illness, but maintained a distance from her husband.

The next day she flew out to Paris but didn't return to Palazzio when she came back to Mumbai. That was when Sanjay and his wife Zarine decided to intervene. They told their daughters, Farah Khan Ali and Simone, to speak to the couple. The meetings happened at Sussanne's father, Sanjay Khan's house, Sanjay Plaza. "But the meetings were not fruitful," a friend of Hrithik's told this newspaper. Sussanne was adamant that she would not go back to live at Palazzio but by then Hrithik was in no mood to oblige her. Sad ending for childhood sweethearts.