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New Delhi based TV journalist and Author Richa Lakhera has penned her first fiction novel Garbage Beat in the backdrop of the scandalous world of bollywood stars and TV entertainment journalists. Her second book Shameless Girl (Item Girl) is a fiction novel set in Mumbai's tinseltown is set to release later this year. She is working on her third Death of an Actor which is final of her trilogy on bollywood. Ten years of entertainment journalism Richa is currently Associate Editor, Anchor and producer in NDTV and has extensively covered Bollywood, Fashion, Art, Lifestyle.


It’s a scandalous, provocative, outrageous, shocking and funny tale of the big bad world of TV
journalists and Bollywood. A world where the line between Scoops, Paid news, Planted stories is rapidly dimming. Five fiercely competitive journalists spend their lives covering Bollywood stars 24X7. They cover their fiascos, foibles, scandals, controversies, loveaffairs, breakups, jhagdas-lafdas and how their constant ‘reporteri’ mutates their lives and they end up having experiences which excite, sometimes humiliate and hurt, scare, terrify, overwhelm them at different levels and since its Bollywood and TV world everything is absurd and more outlandish and larger than life.


A sexy bollywood reporter Latika transforms into a successful item girl ‘Maaya’. A star struck news
producer Chiki falls tragically for a bollywood star only to be jolted to painful reality about her shining knight and becomes suicidal. A double crossing legendary reporter Nandu steals bylines from his best friends to keep his star shining. A tofu crunching workaholic hack Indu who has never been kissed and post-40 her biological clock is going tick tock tick tock, add to the newsroom mayhem, in a 24X7 news channel, where 24 year old entertainment reporter Laila finds herself. Her life becomes hell when she crosses her super bitchy editor from hell Bunny Chopra. In the midst of this Laila tries to desperately hang on to the one big love of her life, Rehan and tries to make peace with her father, who has always been ashamed of her career choice. She soon finds that being a 24x7 entertainment reporter is not the imagined unending ‘glamour show’ but a harrowing ball crushing back breaking ‘garbage beat’.

Laila eventually makes peace with the truth of her trade, her lover, her father and herself.

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